Nicky Migz helps Local Pokémon Card Shops with our Bulk Buyer Program

Posted by Christopher Miguet on

Nicky Migz is proud to announce our Bulk Buyers Program!

 If you are a local card shop located in the United States, Canada or Mexico we want to help you stock your shelves with everything Pokémon. 

We are not like the other guys out there and believe in a fair market value so we all can allow our customers buy the Pokémon Cards they want.

So If you are a local card shop and looking for a new card supplier please send us an email with your Request for Quote (RFQ) We will respond with a winning proposal!

We pride our selves in being the most competitive in the industry to ensure you are receiving a fair price when sourcing your Pokémon Collections. 

Email our CSO, Chris at

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